Tokyo, Japan

I had the privilege of making a trip to Tokyo, Japan around this time last year.

It was perfect, to say the least.

I was there just in time for Spring, which only meant one thing, Sakura season!

The funny thing is, I was never really a big fan of Japan. I mean, I honoured Japanese culture, but it never crossed my mind as a holiday destination. Not in my twenties at least (it almost always felt like a holiday destination only for older folks, in my opinion).

I had always thought of the place to be cold and filled with a mish-mash of modern architecture (think Tadao Ando buildings) and unfashionable dwellings stuck in time in the 70's. In other words, I thought that it would be rigid, uptight and overall gray.

But boy was I moved! My friends know that I've not stopped rambling about Japan since the day I landed.

Contrary to what I had mind, Tokyo was lush and full of life. There was just an incredible amount of things to see and experience in every little corner. I love the way the Japanese embrace art and life so wholeheartedly. They have this incredible ability to marry modernity with tradition while making it all so beautiful all at the same time! In my opinion, what made everything so beautiful was the originality of everything I saw in that city.

For the very first time, I will be publishing these photos of my trip to Japan. These will speak a lot louder than any of my words.

Do you feel like making a trip to Tokyo yet? Would you like a post on the do's and dont's when visiting Tokyo or information on travelling on a budget to Japan?