Novella Royale

So sorry for the lack of updates. I've been putting off editing my photos from Bali, been quite busy with work. Okay I lied, I've been stuck watching reruns of Lost. It's scary how I'm so addicted to it!

Anyway, I stumbled upon these pictures and am now officially a giant fan of Novella Royale!

Every piece is handmade in Southern California, using only vintage, recycled and organic materials. Mary Myer, the founder of the brand, was inspired by the concept of creating without waste and I think that is the best concept any brand can take on. The brand was named after her daughter, how sweet (:

You will see why Novella Royale's lookbook is so awe-inspiring in just a minute.
Makes me want to put on hippy clothes and grab a bunch of necklaces to put around my neck and start dancing around a fire! Okay, I'm kidding. Of course, her looks have been very carefully chosen, every necklace almost strategically placed around the model, every strand of hair engineered to look the way it looks. And that crochet top!? Enjoy two of her collections below!

(All images from Novella Royale)

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