TUTORIAL: "Sexy-fying" A Conservative Dress

I don't know about you, but I've purchased a ton of things online only to find it not meeting expectations.
For example, exhibit a (picture on the left below) is a dress I purchased online over a year ago but never got around wearing it.


I bought the dress because I wanted a long dress that I would feel comfortable in. Considering all my maxi dresses were either tubes, togas or halters, I wanted something a little more conservative that showed a little less skin for casual/lazy days.

I couldn't wait to put the dress on when I received my parcel. (What is it with making purchases online? The thrill of opening a parcel is like no other!).

Bam! I looked in the mirror and saw a nun staring back at me.

TOO conservative. Something HAD to be done.

So what did I do? Widen the neckline, easy-peasy!

Here's how.

You need:
- scissors
- fabric chalk
- pins
- sewing machine/needle and thread/fabric glue

How to:

1. Put on your dress and mark the spot where you would like your new neckline to fall.
2. Fold your dress/t-shirt in half and draw
    a. A straight line to the shoulder if you want a V-neck
    b. A rounded line, also to the shoulder, if you want a round neck (like mine)

3. Leave half an inch of space before the line you've just drawn for hemming and cut out the excess fabric.

4. Sew in the neckline, using needle and thread, a sewing machine or fabric glue. To make things easier, I like using pins to keep the fabric in place. This will make things a lot easier and neater.

And ta-dah! You're done!
Doesn't it look so much better now?

Picture of me on the right: this is what you get with only three hours of sleep every day.

You can apply the same principle for tops or dresses that would require sexy-fying!
Okay, refashion. I sense that my mum will not be particularly fond of that word.

I hope you found the post useful. If you do take on this mini project, don't forget to send me your pictures (to jillianundercover@gmail.com). Good Luck!

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