Photo Diary: Bali Pt. 3

Part 3 of Bali (okay.. Part 2 didn't really count) is primarily Ubud. We spent three days here and had ample time to explore and experience new things. But somehow I was kept so busy doing so many different things that I sadly .. somehow.. forgot about my camera.
Doesn't that already tell you something about how special the place is?
The only things I didn't really enjoy were the crowds, traffic and the pushy sellers. Other than that, Ubud was pretty magical. 

I've decided to add captions to as many photos on the Bali posts. Looking back, the pictures without captions didn't really mean anything. I have just updated Part 1 of Bali with some commentary. Go to the Part 1 post here.

I hope you enjoy these pictures!

guess what I saw on our last day in Seminyak, just before heading out in the morning! he was nice enough to stop so that we could take pictures! please, please Google please let me be a part of Street View on Google Maps! ):
one photo I forgot to post in Bali Pt. 1, Uluwatu (:
also another photo of Seminyak, on our last day. instead of going to a petrol station, you can also purchase petrol (locally known as benzine) from money changers, grocery stores, warungs etc!
first day in Ubud at beakfast. the usual, emails + instagram

exploring the back lanes of Ubud town. walk down here and we stumbled upon a temple (see below)
temple for locals only I suppose. it looked really ancient and almost mystical
yes, we HAD to visit a Starbucks. it was quite a different experience though, being Balinese themed
the building in the picture on the left is Starbucks. it is surrounded by this amazing courtyard that is also another cafe and a temple
picture is a bit burnt out. it was almost midday and the sun was really bright

 feels like being on a movie set

you'll see this everywhere in Bali. they're offerings left on the floor of entrances for wandering spirits (or at least that was what I was told)
another temple, in the middle of Ubud town

just beyond the town, I'm talking the backdoor of the shop lots are paddy fields, amazing!
we stopped for coconuts along the way. bought them from a nice mak cik (: that's a bamboo straw by the way, very cool

Balinese graffiti

we also made a trip out to see rice terraces, about half an hour from Ubud town. it was pouring so this is the only worthy shot I have. the route to this place was really scenic, proper kampungs, paddy fields and small town folk about their daily chores
explored a little further on day 2 and found more paddy fields

 was hoping to swim, hence the bikini top :P no beach to be found
Monkey Forest Road

the cuteness Ubud town

I have a strange fascination for face masks and I stumbled upon this shop, happiness! really good quality too, only a bit on the pricey side

late evening shopping
we went to see a Kecak and Fire Dance performance that evening. temple grounds was the stage

prayers before the show


the Fire Dance or Trance Dance

Cafe Havana in Ubud, Bali. it felt like i was in South America
live music and dancing!

even I went down to the dance floor for some salsa dancing. somehow, everyone in the restaurant danced like professional salsa dancers

taken just outside my room before checking out. 5 nights in Bali just flew by us
So these are all of the photos, I might post a random bunch later on. I haven't had the time to actually go through all the pictures.

In my opinion, Bali is one of those places you have to visit at least once, only because it's so different (almost alien) from all other places in this region. Just watching the local folk going about their daily routine is an enriching experience on its own. Otherwise, just come for the cute little restaurants and eateries. I'll do a little post of my favourite little restaurants and shops a little later on.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend so far, take care!

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  1. Can I say something??? BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!! Wow... u make me want to go there right NOW :)
    Career change? Hehe

    1. hahahah (to career change) thanks!(: kinda wish I could be on holiday right now too. My cousins from Sydney are coming down, was just thinking about the GfK office and our Friday night outings this morning!

  2. when are you back in Bali? We should hang out