Photo Diary: Cameron Highlands

I know I have been saying this too many times in recent posts, but I really am busy. Busy in a sense where I'm not necessarily occupied at every waking moment, but I'm always on the move. I feel like I need a full weekend to myself to just sit and breathe.

Anyway, last weekend my cousins from Australia came down for a quick visit. We decided to escape the humidity of the city and take a little trip to the cooler temperatures of Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands was discovered and developed by the British in the late 1800s. It was initially discovered to be turned into a retreat for British expats who missed the comforts of England. Today, economy wise, Cameron Highlands is primarily farmland for fruits, vegetables, flowers and tea and survives partly also on tourism. Sadly, the mountains face a lot of threat from logging and uncontrolled farming causing massive destruction of precious primary rainforest and landslides. Also faced with diminishing source of income are the indigenous people of Malaysia living in the area as they depend on their surroundings for food and survival.

I go up to the mountains every once in a while. In spite the destruction seen everywhere in Cameron Highlands, there are pockets of beauty here and there. You've just got to look for them. I thoroughly enjoy taking long drives around the area and hiking up the mountains to just enjoy the peace and quiet.

We stopped to buy wild honey from local indigenous people and I managed to capture a few shots of the local indigenous children (also known as orange asli) while at it. They sell all sorts of things trying to make some money; wild plants, flowers, fruits and whatnot. Most of them are very poor.

Because this was such a short trip, I only made it to visit a few tea plantations. The last photo was of me and my dad! (: Have an excellent weekend everyone!

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