Photo Diary: Golek-Unit International High School Party

So, right after Mama Pea's engagement, it was time for another party (yay)!
You see, it was her birthday a week prior to that. It was also Posh Broke Bored Jasiminne's too!
Because they're members of G-Unit a.k.a. Golek Unit, it was only right if they celebrated together.
You can read all about the history of Golek-Unit here.

If you've followed my blog (or my life on Facebook) long enough, you will notice that my friends and I are suckers for theme parties. We've had a ton of masquerade parties in the past, 80's themed parties, colour themed parties (pink, turqoise, you name it), hat parties, gossip girl and lipstick parties?

This time round, the theme was (drumroll) Golek-Unit International High School! Only because we're all going through quarter-life crisis simultaneously. Okay, I'm kidding. Real reason on Posh Broke Bored here.

Golek-Unit International High School only meant one thing - we all had to dress up like school kids again! Okay maybe I wasn't kidding. I think we're all seriously going through quarter-life crisis.

Anyway, so here it is, I present to you... Golek-Unit International High School, class of 2013!

Okay, I was running out of time so I only did for the girls. Yes, David's a girl.

We spent the entire evening pretending to be as badass as we could.
A few examples of said badass situations:

We didn't have school steps to sit on and pose like girls on Gossip Girl, we only had a couch at our suite. So, we did this:

The boys did what boys do best - lounge around, hangout at the 'canteen' and gamble:

The girls... Were just camwhoring whenever and wherever we could (:
The many faces of Malibu (the dog -- also a girl):

I thought I was looking pretty badass in all my pictures! I never got to be one in school okay, my mum was a teacher! My skort and blazer is from Zara, shoes from Promod and shirt from Ralph Lauren.

We even had a demerit system going on. Quite a few 'pupils' got demerit points for not dressing up in proper school attire. But the cake goes to Jolyna who got demerit points for being pregnant! I wish I had a photo (she was expecting a balloon baby).

And very soon, everything just got sillier and sillier.
Like when I smoked a Nyam Nyam 'cigarette'!

Or like when this happened:

I don't know about you, but I kinda like my badass face!
P/s: I had very little sleep the night before. Please don't look at my eye bags.

Happy Belated Birthday Sheena and Jasiminne!

I'm off to Bangkok, ta!

Photo credits to Moose Pixels.

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