Photo Diary: Bangkok

Hello everyone! It's the weekend (yay!). After the three hectic days in Bangkok last weekend, I'm really looking forward to some well deserved R&R this weekend. 
The week has been particularly busy but I'm glad I managed to get some things at the office out of the way. September is going to be hectic but I'm hoping it'll pass quite quickly. 

Bangkok was great! Holidaying with the girlies was a new and welcomed experienced!
The few highlights of my trip were:

1. the evening we spent at Sirocco Bar (the second Hangover movie was filmed here!). It was a really lovely evening. We were all dressed up, just enjoying ourselves in good company. Ambience was fantastic and the drinks were great too (except Mama Pea's Dirty martini).
2. the cab ride to the airport just before our flight back. We were all feeling a little solemn because our little holiday was over. But somehow this very special taxi made it all better. There was music playing in the car and we were singing along to Elton John and The Bee Gees, watching the sun go down from the highway. It was the best cab ride we had whilst in Thailand (we had a fair share of not so cool taxi drivers trying to con us). It felt almost magical!

But most of all, I enjoyed the company on my trip to Bangkok. The late night conversations we had over supper till the wee hours in the morning... sans Michiekins, only because she sleeps by 11 most nights! (But she'd still come to the living room where the rest of us were hanging out to tell us to go to bed because we had to be up early the next morning! We'd usually go "okayy.." in a "yes Mummmm" kind of tone! LOL). It was nice to have all the girls together at one place, no distractions from boyfriends, husbands and whatnot!

We named ourselves the sisterhood of the traveling skirt (yes, we have a skirt we're going to share, just like the movie!) and we promised ourselves we are going to start traveling together at least twice a year. ❥.

I didn't take many pictures because most of our time was spent doing serious shopping and lugging giant bags around with us.

And oh yeah, here are some pictures of the jewel green maxi dress I made! I blogged about it here. I wore it to Sirocco on our second evening in Bangkok. I love the slit! I'm quite glad I accidentally cut a hole in my skirt :D 

No wolves in the taxi. LOL
Where we stayed, Anantara Bangkok.

Lots of pictures from the car because we were stuck in traffic quite often!

It was pouring almost the entire first day in BKK. Us stuck in the car, in traffic as usual.

Our shoes define our personality, I always believe (:

Siam Center

Second day, was bored, being stuck in traffic for the millionth time.
Getting stuck in traffic allowed me time to take notice of the 'real' Bangkok. I was quite fascinated by the chaos of the power lines. Oh but these aren't the chaotic ones.

Only Malaysians will get this :D
More power lines.
Sirocco Bar the second evening.
Getting ready for the evening out. This is the dress I made (:

The girlies and I, just before we hit Sirocco Bar.

Agent #2 and I. The view was tots fantabulous!

The wind was blowing my hair all over the place!

Michiekins and Mama Pea.
Sirocco Bar.

It was the last day, just after we checked out. Was feeling slightly melancholic so the bell boy gave us fish food to feed the fishies!

The awesome cab ride to the airport on the way back. How cool is this cab driver? He collects notes from all over the world. It was fun just checking out currencies I've never seen before.
Last good look of Bangkok's skyline before we got off the highway and into the airport. We'll be back!

I hope you like the pictures. Thanks for checking my blog out! 
I'm going to be spending the next few days watching a lot of TV and quite literally, just chilling!
Have a good weekend guys!

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