10 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

It's Halloween!

If you still haven't got any costumes ready for tonight (or tomorrow night for some of us), here are a few last minute costumes that will surely turn heads hehe

1. Ceiling Fan (get it??)

2. Iron Chef

3. Fork in the Road (just use masking tape!)

4. Bottleneck

5. Self-Potrait

6. Cat Stevens (cat ears + whiskers + guitar, done!)

7. Formal Apology (LOL!)

8. 50 Shades of Grey

9. Shadow (black t-shirt, black tights, black gloves and face mask?)

10. Nudist on Strike (just wear anything + cardboard + marker pen)

Or if you REAAALLLY haven't got the time, you can do this instead:

HAHAHAHAHA! I had a good laugh, hope you enjoyed the post.
Happy Halloween!

(Images from here and here)


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