Halloween 2013: What to Wear?

I was never really into Halloween until I started DIY-ing. Nowadays, Halloween excites me so much that I start mentally preparing 10 months in advance! I start with Pinterest, pinning whatever I find interesting or has potential to be incorporated into outfits to become a Halloween costume. Because I am the queen of procrastination, this year, I vow to start earlier (to avoid no-sleep-nights-because-I-have-to-DIY before Halloween like previous years). If you're planning on DIY-ing an outfit for Halloween too, I highly recommend starting some work now!

I've still not decided what to wear to Halloween this year (I was hoping you could help!). I dug up old pictures from Halloween from previous years. Check out what I found.

Halloween last year coincided with Michiekins' hen's night party. So we all dressed up as BRIDE SLAVES (because she was being a bridezilla on us - inside joke :P). The theme colour was pink/fuschia!

The year before that was one of my favourite Halloweens because my DIY attempt worked really well. I dressed up as Red Riding Hood. I made my own cape! I even had a matching hairless-wolf! LOL
Comment below if you'd like a tutorial on making a cape, super easy!

 Above: Red Riding Hood taking a bite of Audrey Hepburn?

And the year before that, I dressed up as Cleopatra! I didn't make anything that year. I was so undecided about what to wear. Again, it was very last minute. I think I spent the entire afternoon shopping and ended up being really tired at the party - not fun!

So what do you think I should wear to Halloween this year?

I know quite a number of you are making 1920s dresses for Halloween (checkout my tutorial here). It's really easy to make and with some jewelry, you and your outfit are sure to be the stars of the party!

I've always loved the idea of dressing up as Pocahontas or a Native American girl. So this year, I was thinking of making... *drumroll... a Red Indian Headdress!

I want to know what you think!
What DIY outfit would you like to see being made on JillianUndercover.com?
Native American Chief's Headdress
More elaborate 1920's dress
Red Riding Hood cape
Witch's tutu skirt/dress
None of the above (comment below)
make a poll
I must say that the chief's headdress is going to be challenging to make and time of completion will really depend on whether I can get the materials I need from local stores in time before Halloween. But there's just a load of ways to dress up with jewelry and make-up that I find it so hard to resist. It's likely going to be down to time management again. I can't wait to get your feedback!

Let me know if you've got any other ideas or if there is a DIY you'd like to see me do. I would love to read your comments below!

Speak soon!

(Images from Jaz Khai Photography, Michiekins, Zen Lee, here and here)

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