Halloween Make Up!

So sorry that my headdress/native American outfit post is taking so long.
I actually finished it about two days ago but am contemplating whether or not to post it before Halloween. I've had a few comments from friends saying that I should release pictures only after the party, so as to not ruin the surprise. But then again, I made the headdress so that you, dear reader out there, can make the headdress for yourself too. Of course, we're only down to two/three days (depending where you are) to Halloween. I swear making the headdress takes only about a full day, but sourcing for materials might take a while. And it is quite an elaborate project. What do you think?

In the meantime, if you haven't got an outfit for Halloween yet, consider face make-up as an alternative.
Check out these cool illustrations by Sephora!

Bride Monster (L); Villain-ness (R)

Peacock (L); Flapper (R)

Wild Cat (L); Day of the Dead (R)

I would TOTALLY do Peacock and Flapper... in fact, I've sort of already done Flapper (here).
The 'Villainess' guide would have been useful when I sported Red Riding Hood few years back (here).
And Day of the Dead looks totally cool as well. But Wild Cat looks a bit too creepy to me.

Would you take on these looks for Halloween? (:

Have a pleasant day guys!


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