Halloween 2013: The Epic Conclusion

The past weekend was just amazing because Halloween this year was nothing short of epic. 
My costume turned out just the way I had expected it to (tutorial on the headdress coming up very soon!) and the SKYY-ry Halloween bus was the best party concept I've ever had the chance of being a part of! I even got a little surprise birthday party on Saturday evening from the best buds in the whole wide world! Yayy! (My birthday was last weekend).

Back to Halloween -

It was 40 or so people, on one bus, touring to four different venues for Halloween. Bait to 21 Kitchen and Bar, BSC to Palate Pallate to Providence and then back to Bait.
I was most excited about the bus, to be honest. I think I can speak for the rest of the party-goers that we went on the bus with zero expectations. I thought it was going to be just another mode of transportation, ferrying us from one place to another. Lo and behold, the bus was fully decorated for Halloween with music to match! And we were served with Vodka shots during the ride! Sweet (:

I must say that the whole evening was really well organized. So thank you Bait, SKYY Vodka and all the other participating sponsors for working so hard. Weee...!

Now on to the pictures! There are over 200 pictures from Friday evening. So please head on to my gallery (click on 'Flickr' tab above) on Flickr for the rest of the pictures!

99.9% homemade costume
SKYY-ry Halloween Bus Tour; Native America/Pocahontas with Leeloo from The Fifth Element
Leeloo proper

All thugs love their moms for some reason; NASA astronaut and Octi lady?
the bus and our darling army duo

Leopard lady and Neo from The Matrix! (although.. he looks more like Morpheus to me)
Leddy the cat lady? Please correct me if I'm wrong :P

Leeloo and I; Mr T!
Benny the LED Stickman! Inspiration from this video maybe?
Vira was French Kiss (zzzz......); Crime Scene Photographer (bribable with alcohol)

(L-R) Korben Dallas from The Fifth Element, Jennifer the gladiator, Leeloo also from The Fifth Element, ME and a nun?
From ancient times - posing with a spartan
Elephant got lost during time travel and ended up on different continent.

Darth Maul, really well done!

Cat lady and Leeloo trying to shoot/attack me. I was obviously stoned or just a genuine airhead (concentrating on camera).

Palate Palatte

Another mime!

Hands down, best picture of the night! I was told to mention he's from Lim Kok Wing (hmm?)

Posing with a Keluar sign, how original. Keluar means Exit in Malay.

Bye bye Birdie. Lost my little eagle cuff that evening at Providence.

Never knew Darth Maul had so many friends.

Leeloo and Korben Dallas doing their thang.
Cleopatra on the floor, Mime was just hungry. On the right is 'Colonel Saunders Gone Wild'.
Ladies at Providence

Told you Leeloo wants me dead. Was I pretending to get shot? Not sure.

Met a fellow Indian hehe

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Remember to head on to Flickr to view the rest of the pictures, thank you!

(Event image from here and all other images taken by Moose Pixels).

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