Spent the last weekend doing this!

I really did not expect to be so entertained. I had such an incredible time in spite missing Martin Garrix and most of Bass Jackers.
The organisers were serving only warm beer (seriously horrible). So the best part? Totally enjoyed myself with minimal alcohol intake. #AWESOME!

I'll let the pictures do the talking (:

However I must comment that the exit was very badly planned. All I can say is, what were they thinking trying to squeeze 10,000 people through a two person walkway (pic above). People were pushing and pulling, desperately trying to get out because everyone was running out of air in that mess. I saw a number of people collapsing from lack of oxygen, I'm very sure at least someone got hurt. Thank goodness there wasn't a human stampede. Imagine how something as simple as planning a rave exit could potentially turn a really good night, really ugly. In case you're wondering, I spent almost 40 minutes trying to get out of the crowd.

Anyhoo, have a good one guys.

P/s: Please don't ask me why one ketiak (armpit) looked so black in one of the pictures... and why I was doing random exercises during a rave. Because I don't know the answer either. Thank you!

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All photos by Moose Pixels.

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