Makeup Giveaway! Too Cool For School!

If you're like me, totally lame and a total a queen in procrastinating, you must not have bought any of your Christmas gifts yet. Don't worry, I feel you. We're about four days away till Christmas Day (three if you're going to be gifting on Christmas Eve), still plenty of time, there's the weekend for a shopping frenzy?

Okay, to be honest, I've been scurrying around Mid Valley during lunch almost every day, looking for last minute gifts. Only because I so enjoy the hunt! It's almost as if I go looking for gifts to buy for random people, people who aren't even expecting gifts from me! Okay, maybe exaggerating a little, I wish I had that much money to spend. Actually, most likely scenario - me buying more gifts for myself. Yikes.

But no, seriously, if you haven't already found the perfect gift for your girlfriends/sisters/colleagues/moms/etc, look no further than Too Cool For School!

Too Cool For School is one of the newest make-up brands to hit Malaysian shores, all the way from Korea. The thing I love the most about the brand? I absolutely LOVE products in cool packaging, and Too Cool For School is exactly that (you'll see in a minute). #Sweet.

My favourite? Their Dinoplatz range - too damned cute.
Don't tell me you don't already feel like buying the entire range, just looking at these photos?

I've not tried any of their products, until recently. Apart from the really pretty packaging, my take is that the products are really good in quality, although it does feel a little heavy especially in this (tropical) weather. However the good side to that is coverage is really good. I have quite pimply, sensitive skin. It didn't take much to cover my blemishes at all.

I used a combination of the Blending Cream BB from the Core Line and the McGirly BB Cream. Apart from that, I used Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion in Baby Pink Clam as a highlighter.

See the pictures for yourself. These photos are strictly untouched.

Acne scars much less visible! Impressed.

Dino pictures!

Shine from Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion in  Baby Pink Clam. Not overly shiny, just the right amount to highlight features.

I think they'd make PERFECT gifts for girlfriends this Christmas. If not for girlfriends, maybe a little year end treat for yourself maybe? (:

Their range of products don't end with Dinoplatz and makeup. Just to name a few, they have make-up from the Too Cool Art Class line and McGirly skin care range. Their latest addition? Glam Rock Makeup Collection.

This Christmas, I want to give back.

I have six sets of Too Cool For School samples, ranging from skin care to BB creams, and I want to give them to you! So if you want to try Too Cool For School products before you have to actually buy them, all you have to do is:

1. Follow me on my Instagram (click HERE) account.
2. Look for my post on Too Cool For School on Instagram (click HERE) and give me a shoutout on the post and tell me why you want to try Too Cool For School products!

Winners will be chosen randomly, and I will bear the cost of shipping to you (:
I don't care, even if you live in Alaska. It's my little way of saying thank you to all supporters of
Giveaway closes on the 26th of December 2013!

In view of the holidays, I will be extending the giveaway deadline to Sunday, the 5th of January 2014 to give a chance to those who are away! Thank you!

Merry Christmas loves!

All Too Cool For School products can be found at their outlets on Jalan Telawi 3, in Bangsar and at shopping malls namely The Robinsons at The Gardens, Mid Valley and at Parkson, Gurney Plaza, Penang.

All images  by Moose Pixels, except for the last minute photo of the samples taken on my phone :D

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