Holiday Makeup. One Eyeshadow, 5 Different Looks. Yay!

It's Christmas eve!

I'm so glad to finally be on my break, even though 'work' doesn't really stop here.
Still, very excited. Looking forward to catching up with friends and family, the food and parties, presents and of course dressing up for the holiday!

Through my research and surfing (the Internet of course, I don't swim remember) leading up to Christmas this year, I found Gold eyelids (eyeshadow) to be big for Christmas season this year. The more sparkly it is, the better! Don't you think that somehow Gold can be quite a challenging colour to wear? I was thinking, how do you wear sparkly Gold eyeshadow and not look like you're on your way to a costume party?

So a while ago, I took it upon myself to try on Gold eyeshadow and pair it with different lipsticks to produce 5 different looks! Sparkly Gold eyeshadow is surprisingly not too difficult to wear and in fact, it looked really good with red lips (although initially in my head, I was thinking the combo sounds like a bit too much).

Here are five of my Gold eyeshadow looks. Same eyeshadow, five different looks, using five different lipstick colours. Easy peasy. (I kinda just slapped on gold eyeshadow on my lids).

1. Scarlet!
If you're up to the challenge, a scarlet red is the perfect colour for the holiday season. If you plan to tone down in the wardrobe and accessories department, a red lip will be perfect to perk up your look without having to try too hard.

2. Sophisticated I'm-Cool-Coz'-I'm-Not-Trying-Too-Hard Look
If being bold is not your thing, I tried just adding a hint of colour to my lips and it worked just fine with the Gold. Just the right amount for a sophisticated, relaxed look. Nice!

3. Brown like the 90's
Embrace the return of the 90's with a brown lip! I've had this brown lip colour from M.A.C from ages ago. Secretly quite glad that I can start using it again. P/S: I LOVE the 90's!

4. The Twilight/Vampy Look... or just 'Oxblood'
This hue is all the rage! Too bad I don't see many Malaysians sporting this colour. This Christmas, why not try something different, with vampy looking lips. Wine stained looking lips - perfect for Fall/Winter no?

5. Nude
Okay, if colour is really not your thing, or if you're a little shy to sport so many colours (Gold eyeshadow and red lips, yikes) all in one go, you can always go for nude! It still works and is surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?) still very soft and sweet (in spite the Gold). Perfect, especially if you're going to be sporting a dress in a lighter shade.

So how will you be wearing your makeup for Christmas and New Year's this year? I'd love to hear about your favourite looks!

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Gold eyeshadow images from here and here. All other photos by Moose Pixels.

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