#KKH 2013!!

It's Friday!

Somehow it's not feeling like a Friday to me though. This December has got to be the most disappointing December ever, in the history of Decembers.
Anyhoo, it could've been worse. Shall not dwell on negative things. I'll remember to keep that in mind.

SO last weekend, Mr. Kim Kwarn Ho (our local Korean) came back to Malaysia (from Korea) for a weekend visit! Yes, he flew almost 3,000 miles for a weekend trip. It would be almost rude not to throw him a get-together party. So that's exactly what San (our local Elvis Costello) and the bunch did.

There are a million photos from that evening. And I've not had the time to edit them one by one. So here are a few of my favourite shots. Not to worry, I'll keep my promise. The rest of the photos are up on my Flickr account. Click HEde7RE! (:

I hope you enjoy the pictures and here's to another awesome (well deserved) weekend! Woot!

P/S: Who's going for Thirst 2013 this weekend? I'm not ): *sniff

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All photos by Moose Pixels

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