I'm Really Bad At Titles.

WOW, it's been almost a month since my last blog post!

Fret not, I've not abandoned the blog. It's just that I've been mad busy since 2014 began. It was constantly on my mind, blogging I mean, and I had so much to say but I just didn't have the time. In a way, I'm glad I took the time for a break (although not mentally). I vow to be a little more disciplined the rest of this year!

We're just 17 days into 2014 and already so much has happened.  What better way to sum everything up than with my Instagram account!

1. I had a quite quiet New Year's Eve party - just the way I like it.
I actually saw the fireworks from my car because I was late for my party.
And I was late because I was hungry and decided to stop by Starbucks to get something to eat (because it was the only shop open at that time).
So it was already 2014 by the time I stepped into Starbucks. Best part? The nice Batista gave me a free drink! What a way to start the new year (:
And was greeted by an awesome quote on the first day of 2014!

2. Won a contest by On A Cloudy Day boutique + The Kins x Style and got clothes and jewelry for FREE!
I chose this sequined dress. I don't have anything sequined in my closet yet, so this is my first! 
Ready for more parties in 2014 with glitter :D

3. Went to Europe and fulfilled my lifelong dream of seeing Van Gogh's work in person!
It was a work trip but my colleagues and I made the best of it. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I LOVE GERMANY!
It was so emotional for me, being able to see Van Gogh's work of art in great detail. #Amsterdam

Best German gingerbread I've ever tasted! #thebreakfastofchampions! No, could only wish it was that cold in Germany when I was there :P

New friends and being at the GfK mother ship (:

4. I also got awesome deals at Lovisa and Too Cool For School and got clothes and shoes I've been wanting FOREVER at ZARA on sale (bonus!).

Last but not least, I'm way ahead of my DIY plans, so happy!

I've never been more geared up for a new year as I am for this year. I think 2014 is going to be a year of changes, in a good way. I feel as if I'm starting anew! I've got a couple of little projects up my sleeve for this year and I've never been more excited, passionate and driven about so many things before. I can hardly wait!

I know I'm a little late, but here's to another year of great success, happiness, friendship, peace and love! Here's to 2014 (: Kisses to all!

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