Photo Diary: Europe Pt. 1: PARIS!

So, I had one of the best weekends I've had in a LONG time.
Exciting, fun and relaxing all at the same time.
I cheated a little because my weekend started earlier this week. Because the office had a lunch do on Friday afternoon, we were allowed to go home a little earlier that day. #Yay. And then I spent most of my Saturday out. Visited two DIY stores to stock up on supplies and went for two events - the launch of Stratosphere at The Roof AND a Chinese New Year do by Too Cool For School. #DoubleYay.
I spent Sunday chilling at home. Bliss (:

I promised my mum I would post photos of my recent trip to Europe, here. That was, two weeks ago? :P Sorry Mum!
I've been postponing it because 1. I've not made time to go through the photos, let alone edit them. And 2. I can't think of an interesting story to blog about! It was such a short trip, very touch and go. Most of my photos were taken whilst walking because we were in such a rush, can you imagine? It was a work trip to Germany, but I had a couple of stopovers so that meant quickie sightseeing.

So now I'm thinking, to hell with the story, nobody cares anyway. I'm just going to post photos up and caption any picture I find interesting. So, first stop, Paris!

Both my colleague and I (let's just call him Nobita) arrived in Paris really early in the morning, 6am, to be exact (after a very long and very dreadful flight on Air France /:). Because of the distance between the airport terminal (CDG) and the city, we only had about an hour to do our Paris city stroll. Our main objective of the day - see the Eiffel Tower. Thankfully everything went smoothly i.e. immigration did not take as long as anticipated and we only got a little lost, only about twice (: More importantly, we got to see the tower!

Initially, grabbing breakfast at a cafe in town was part of the plan (that would've been the cherry on the cake!) but too bad we ran out of time. I arrived in Europe just before the snow storms hit the continent (and also the United States), so the weather was gloooriiousss! Not sure what the temperature was in Paris, but I did not need a scarf, hat or gloves. Just had my jacket on, perfect!

First sight of the city. How typical (:
The sun was just about to rise when we got to town.

Only decent picture of myself and the tower. I was surprised I didn't look more zombie-like considering the conditions we all had to go through on the 13 hour flight.

Square trees anyone?
Flat top trees anyone? Definitely one my favourite photos form the entire trip. Reminds me of the last scene of Pride and Prejudice (: sans flat top trees of course.

On our way to catch our next ride to Germany (:
It's a pity I didn't get to even have a taste of Paris, proper. But I don't mind. This only means one thing - reason to come back, with plenty left to explore.

Finally recovered from quite an unwelcomed jet lag. So I better get some rest soon.
Next post - WHY I LOVE GERMANY (:

Goodnight lovelies. Hugs and kisses to all!

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