Every time I complain about not knowing what to blog about, I always end up writing a whole essay here. Every. Single. Time.

And I have a feeling I'm about to repeat that again, today. EXCEPT that today, I actually have things to blog about but am just to lazy to do anything about it. There are just too many photos to sift through and edit. All I feel like doing now is sleepppp....

It's just been a very tiring couple of weeks, emotionally and physically. I might be pushing myself a little too hard in certain departments with my little projects and whatnot, when I should really be pushing myself to the gym!


Here are some old pictures that never made it to the blog! The stuff you don't see before the pictures come up here, they're not always pretty :P

Photo from this post here. Running out of poses and feeling annoyed. Photos and poses tak jadi :P

What a night! Photo is from Halloween last year - taking a break at the DJ console. Image courtesy of Providence KL

The 'RED' post from here, taken for Chinese New Year. What you don't see? Me drowning in sweat with unruly hair!

And feeling self conscious about posing with post boxes in public /:

What I like best? Quiet weekends - minimal makeup, in t-shirt and shorts. #BLISS
But I do miss taking outfit photos. My plans to take more photos and blog a little more this year is slowly turning into a myth. We will see how it goes.

It's always good to reflect. Have an awesome #TBT Thursday guys!

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