Photo Diary: Europe Pt. 2: Germany

How was your break been? I'm already starting to feel the blues, now that my Chinese New Year break is coming to an end. Anyway, a little update on Europe last month. (:

Paris was really just a stopover. The real destination was actually Germany, and not just anywhere in Germany, but in Nuremberg.


Or maybe I just really love Nuremberg. As soon as I landed, I just felt really at home being surrounded by lots of lush trees (in spite a vast majority being bare in the dead of winter), cute little houses and teeny tiny lanes.

How not to love Nuremberg? It felt like being in a storybook. I'm serious. This was how I was greeted in the town center, as soon as I opened the cab door:


You mean this is home for the next couple of days? I could get so used to this.

My room in the pyramid. Yes the hotel was shaped like a pyramid, quite awesome.

My morning view, every morning (:

Nuremberg town! Hauptmarkt!

The cutest, most beautiful window displays everrr! With the best handmade Christmas ornaments I've ever seen!
At the Church of Our Lady or Frauenkirche at Hauptmarkt.

We spent a little bit of time inside the church, never seen anything like it before.

Storybook streets.

More storybook streets.

Yes, we explored the castle at night (:

Sorry the picture is blur, yummiest wiener I had in Nuremberg.

Other reasons why I love Nuremberg - best brewed beer I've ever had AND there is Humanic. Three levels of shoes, hello?

Last sunrise before I left.

It was the coldest day of our entire visit. We left just before the snow arrived! ): This was taken at the airport, just before we went our next ride to Amsterdam!

At least I got to see bits of ice on the road and on leaves.
Although we spent most of our days indoors in meetings, at least I got to spend about two days exploring the little city. It was mad fun. Medieval looking buildings, the cold crispy air and entire bottles of Vodka for 5euros? Seriously, what's not too love! It's a pity I came with a full luggage bag, otherwise I would've packed a whole suitcase of shoes and stuff from COS and Humanic (and Vodka). Love love love!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Next and final round, a couple of pictures from Amsterdam (:

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