Wednesday Update

Remember when I said I was going to Spring Clean here, I'm happy to report that I'm almost a week into non-stop cleaning and rearranging (excluding last Saturday). Another couple of days of spring cleaning left and I'll be done! Feels really good donating stuff to the needy. I might also do a small charity drive to sell my old clothes and shoes on the blog here (because I don't think charities will have much use for high heels, no?), proceeds will go to charity. What do you think?

In other news - my quickie getaway trip is finally happening next week! After having to quite tragically make last minute changes postponing it, I'm finally going to Phi Phi. Well deserved after all my hard work cleaning and whatnot. Quite happy that it got postponed too, at least I'll come home to a nice clean house after the holiday. Everything works out in the end (:

Have an awesome week you guys! Now on to my taxes /:

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