HELLO MAY! And Other Stories.

So I'm finally back in 'Boleh' Land and am suffering from all of the below:
  • major holiday withdrawal
  • horrific sunburns (I think my mother no recognize me anymore)
  • weird allergies from the environment in Koh Phi Phi (okay, to be honest, I didn't actually go slow on the seafood while I was in Thailand. Read: shrimp for lunch AND dinner. Yums!)
Anyway yes, thought of doing an outfit post today but am too lazy.
Also partly because I'm super tired from a long day of work (cleaning on hold temporarily, you will see why in the coming weeks) and am partially depressed from my Phi Phi holiday ending way too soon. WHY CAN'T I NOT BE ON HOLIDAY FOREVERRRRR?

The remedy:

Fantasizing about more holidays and spending way too much time here.

And here to kill the blues.

Both very, very dangerous territory on the world wide web. Bummer.
And to make things worst, 60% off swimwear on ASOS? Seriously. I just got back from my beach holiday.

Does this mean that I should plan another beach holiday? I think so.

Phi Phi pictures and whatnot coming soon.
Have an awesome week everyone! xx

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