Rainy Days

This is actually quite a ridiculous outfit to be wearing but I just could not resist. I only put it on (boots included) in the car for the shoot, and then it started to pour. So we had to switch cameras and use the Nikon AW1, hence the mediocre quality.

I actually made this dress for Day 3 of FMFA 2014, sadly it will not see the light of day again.

Partly because of the look I wanted, but mostly due to time constraint (from my last-minute-ness), I had to make the fringe totally from scratch using cut ribbon. It was surprisingly quite easy, just a little tedious, and will definitely do it again if I ever have to.

Don't you just love rainy days, especially when your feet are nice and snug in boots. The best! (:

Dress DIY | Boots from H&M | Assorted bracelets from Promod, H&M and DIY

For a homemade piece, what do you think? 
Here's to the dress that will never see the light of day again ):

Images shot on Nikon AW1 by Moose Pixels

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