My Interview With Erin from Thanks I Made It!

Ola lovelies! Chin up, it's Fridayyy!!!

I recently collaborated with Erin from Thanks, I Made It, an awesome DIY blog based out of Washington, DC, on an interview about DIY-ing in Malaysia!
We talked about the sort of materials that are available in Malaysia, where I go to source my materials and the challenges all those who love DIY-ing face in this country.

I also gave a brief introduction about our lovely countries, you know, just to put our nation out there a little.

Head over to Thanks I Made It and read the article now. She's got a ton of really sweet DIY ideas. I especially love all her tutorials on making your own jewelry. So much love!

Have an awesome weekend you guys! I hope to be back in the DIY game very, very soon. Don't go away, I'll be right back (:

All images by Moose Pixels.

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