TUTORIAL: Springtime Floral Headpiece

Okay, two things. One, I know I should've have just said Summer Time Spring Floral Headpiece. And two, yes, this tutorial has been done over to death! Nevertheless, I was making some for a little project I was working on over a month ago and thought why not document it anyway (: I'm the crazy headpiece lady after all!

Perfect for the weekend out, picnics or selfie parties with friends, if there's such a thing? I just thought of a really fun (girlie and giddy) idea. Buy flowers and supplies this Saturday with friends, and have everyone make one. Bring some snacks and have fun crafting. Afterwards, camwhore with the headband!

Anyway, on to the tutorial.

Here's what you'll need:
1. Flowers, preferably in different sizes to give it a bit of character. Choose one that is a bit leafy, because you're going to be needing some. In this tutorial, I used Baby's Breath (a) and Peruvian Lily (b).
2. Green tape
3. Gardening wire. The sort that come in ready cut stalks work just fine.
4. A set of pliers

How to:
1. Cut a reasonable amount of wire and wrap the wire around your head to measure. The wire should be sitting quite nicely at your temples, slanting downwards towards the back of your neck. I did not bother measuring it down to the T, instead just coiled the remainder, roughly making sure the wire goes round about twice (see picture). Cut off any excess wire.

2. Wrap green tape around the frame you've just made, to make sure it stays that shape and that size. I was in a bit of a hurry for this one (it was very late at night), and so did not bothering making it look pretty. Sorry!

3. Cut your flowers into little stalks. I left some leaves with the Peruvian Lily flowers, but took out the rest to make it less bulky. Have them ready in little sets.

4. Group and tape each of these sets of flowers together, to form little mini bouquets. Tape at the stalk.

5. Tape each mini bouquet to the circular frame, layering one bouquet over the other. Again, not very pretty but the flowers cover the tape anyway! You can start in the middle of your headband, taping down two bouquets facing each other. Work downwards so that you have two semi circles of flowers. Tadah!

I've said this before and I'll say it again, headpieces are awesome because they're natural Instagram filters in pictures. For some reason it makes everyone look really good, and just gives you that extra edge. LOVE.

Have an awesome weekend you guys! Checkout my Instagram for instant updates! (:

Images by Moose Pixels.

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