Reminising: Amsterdam/Photo Diary: Europe Pt. 3

I didn’t really talk about things on my blog when MH370 went missing a couple of months ago, not wanting to venture into unfamiliar territory for this blog. With flight MH17 however, it does feel a bit different. I actually know someone on that flight, albeit it being only a brief meeting. It really puts things into perspective.

Not only was I on that same flight route a mere 6 months ago, I also almost took a job that would have me in Amsterdam around this time for a couple of weeks. I could’ve taken the job, went for my training, and been on that same flight home to come back to Kuala Lumpur. Chilling.

It also got me thinking about how short and fragile life is, and how I almost always take everything for granted. I can only imagine how some fellas whose destinies would’ve ended on that same flight, if not for that traffic jam that caused a missed flight or that argument with a certain someone that made them change their mind about holiday plans. It is quite frightening, but of course, everything I'm feeling is nowhere close to the nightmare those who are directly involved are going through. I pray that they all come out of this stronger.

I never really got to posting my pictures of Amsterdam after talking about Part 1: Paris and Part 2: Germany HERE and HERE. It feels like an eternity ago, but Amsterdam is a really beautiful city and I can never seem to forget how some areas of the city looked and felt at that time.

The BEAUTIFUL morning, on our way out from Nuremberg.

I love taking photos of clouds. It was literally a blanket of clouds plus really pretty ice formations on my window (:

You know you're in Netherlands when you see large bodies of water like this!

 Canal touring.

 The NEMO Science Centre

 More boat action.

I always wondered, if you were drunk and drove off the pavement, does it happen often?

Just like how I remembered them to be in story books (:

 Vincent Van Gogh Museum! Lifelong dream, happiness!

My ex-colleague always fails to focus on my face. Mind you, there were several others like this. If you're reading this -______-"

Like something out of a painting.

I'll always remember Amsterdam this way (:

Or this!

Obligatory train station shot tee hee

I hope everyone's having an at least OKAY Wednesday thus far.
Come back tomorrow for a look at my Dylanlex inspired necklace tutorial. Now on to editing my pictures for tomorrow...

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