In what seems like an eternity, I think I'm finally back!

The last couple of weeks was a whirlwind of projects, events and a lot of travelling! I'm not complaining, it was a giant mix of good things and some not so nice things but let's just say that the good far outweighed the bad!

In more ways than one, I'm super excited about what life has to offer. It's not going to be easy but I can be sure that it'll be one very interesting ride. And the most precious thing of all is that I've learned so much in the last one month or so. I'm not saying that I've had enough, but in just this short period, the way I look at things in life has been altered, for good, for the better.

What I feel slightly sad about though, is the fact that I did not find the time to do a big Halloween post for 2014. The time has come and gone, and I'll never get it back. In a way, there's always next year, but that's not really how I roll. I am so glad though that so many of you attempted the Native Headdress (TUTORIAL HERE) this year, I'm still getting emails to this day! Please, please if any of you are reading this, please send me your photos. I'd love to see them! Alicia Payne, your photo below! Thank you!

I intend to spend the next few uninterrupted weekends catching up on sleep (obviously) and a ton of laundry (like you won't believe). Can you imagine that after about three weeks, last night was the first time I had a really good night's sleep i.e. slept at 11pm, woke up at 7am, no interruptions and more importantly -- in my own bed! BLISS. And yea, need to just organize my life, in general. Slightly OCD about it, selective subjects only.

Anyhoo, here are a few photos to give you an idea of what's been going. Most of them are from my Instagram (where I've been a little more vigilant at updating), the rest are from my phone. Here's to November!
So this happened!

And then more selfies happened. I somehow found the time to fix my hair (before right; left after).

And then this and this for my birthday. Thank you FJB Ladies for the gifts (right)!.

For Superdry, especially!

But most of all, I missed this naughty boy!
And finally, Alicia Payne's headdress! So pretty. I hope you had fun, Alicia (:

Last image by Alicia Payne. All other images by me.

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