Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of year. I love spending time in malls, browsing for pretty Christmas ornaments and gazing at warm lights glowing in the distance. The problem is, everything is always so pretty, I don't know what to buy. And in a way, lots of things in the market out there are quite generic. What if I wanted something a little different? End result? I come home empty handed and sad.

I came across a tutorial by Fellow Fellow (she is a genius) recently and thought that there could not be a simpler (and cheaper) way to make Christmas ornaments. A touch of you at home is always the best idea.

Here's what you'll need:
- Printer
- Paper
- Battery operated tea lights (I got mine at Ikea)
- Scissors/cutter
- Glue

How to:
1. I think the hardest part is the first step - sourcing for pretty houses. I chose old English houses as my look (because I've always dreamt of spending Christmas in an old European town). Remember to choose houses with windows, although, I seriously doubt that there are any houses without windows. Who knows, in case you're into the Malaysian-concrete-shopping-mall look.

2. Save them to your computer and print them out. You can choose to print them in black and white or in colour. I decided to go for the monochrome look, since I've already got a lot of coloured Christmas decorations (also because I'm running low on ink on my printer hehe). Print on slightly heavier paper if you can.

3. Cut out the 'sky bits'. Not very good at explaining, maybe this picture will help. I folded the bottom section of the picture inwards (towards the wrong side of the picture), to give it a little more weight. This will help it stand a little better.

4. Next, use the cutter to cut out baby windows! This is quite tedious work but will be well worth your effort and time, I promise.

5. Glue the two edges of the house together to form a cylinder and you're done! The tea lights go into the cylinder, in case you're wondering.

I hope you enjoyed my 'homecoming' post. More tutorials, especially on Christmas, to come!

Images by me. 

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