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I've been shying away from a blogpost for little over a while now, for reasons that I am not ready to talk about. But I recently figured that I should just continue to blog (or at least try to), and then explain my long absence when I feel I’m ready.

Sometimes I miss it (blogging) so much that I’ll spend a couple of minutes going through old posts, gleaming in delight at past accomplishments. For those who blog or have blogged, do you ever find yourself in disbelief when reading old posts? I sometimes feel like “wow, I can’t believe I did that” or “was that me?”. It’s a good feeling, in case you’re wondering.

In all honesty though, every time I look at my DIY shelf (I have three full shelves of ‘materials’ at home – hoarder alert) I can’t help but feel guilty. Guilty that I’m enjoying the extra free time to feel lazy and guilty that I’m breaking a promise I made to myself sometime back (read: first few posts in 2013). The truth is, I really like DIY-ing and the blog was a reason to keep going at it.

Anyway, life doesn’t seem like it’s so much on hold anymore and that I can finally breathe and live it to the fullest. I still reminisce every now and then cloud the hour with what ifs and should haves (how can we not?) and even feel guilty and sad at time for being happy. But I think things should be improving soon. 2015, you’ve been tough so far. I’m falling sick again, for the gazillion-th time since the new year (what is up with my body?) but I’m happy to report that I’ve been quite disciplined with keeping to my New Year’s resolutions (thus far). Fingers crossed that I’ll reach my goal.

Here’s to an improved 2015 – fewer Monday blues, beautiful postcard ready days, friendships that last forever and good health to all loved ones.

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