Rise of the Culottes: How To Wear Culottes

How predictable, that culottes are now back in fashion. I think I first noticed them again at Victoria Beckham's Spring Summer 2014 show back in 2013, when the designer herself walked out in a white shirt and black culottes (see pic above). I remember very vividly thinking that she looked amazing in all her chic wonder.

Unfortunately, I personally feel that culottes (not to be mistaken with culottes worn by gentlemen in the early years of the nineteenth century) are not for everyone. I think they look better on more slender figures, even better if the wearer is tall. After a little bit of research, here's my little summary on wearing culottes:

1. Always wear culottes with heels (pumps to be exact), unless you've been blessed with legs and a body like Karlie Kloss.
2. Make sure that your culottes have been hemmed at the appropriate length, not too long, not too short. To me, they're considered too long if the hem measures about 1 inch away from the ankles.
3. A structured top (with culottes) always helps. For additional chic points, wear with a crop top. If all else fails, wear a crisp, white shirt.
4. Culottes in good quality material (that don't crease with wear) is really important. After all, you're meant to exude confidence and class when wearing culottes. Nothing worse than an un-ironed looking pair of pants.
5. Get your pants well fitted, depending on the cut - if it's meant to be loose, make sure it's loose and if it's meant to hug your hips, make sure it hugs at all the appropriate places.

Here are a few very chic looking ladies in these skirt-pants thing. Will you be getting yourself a pair?

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  1. These are some of the charm and simple culottes and I like to wear the green colored one because I love green color. I enjoyed reading your blog.