The Best of Paris Fashion Week

The shows have come and gone. I don't particularly enjoy the Fall/Winter shows as much, largely because it's not as relevant (read Malaysian climate) so I'd usually go through the collections only after fashion week. Of all the shows, there is only a handful that I explore regularly - usually the big names, with one or two odd exceptions (less lux/mainstream-ish brands) who suddenly produce something totally awe-inspiring and everyone starts talking about it. For example the one time Stella McCartney's see-through paneled dresses made really big waves in fashion. Louis Vuitton and Chanel are not my favourites but I find that they are often the movers and shakers of the industry, so they're definitely worth seeing to spot incoming trends. My observation is that it takes about 1 and a half to two years before a trend hits Malaysia :D

Anyway, today's post is not really about a particular brand or the shows at PFW. One thing that I do enjoy very much, sometimes even more than the actual shows themselves, is the street wear. I find them a lot more inspiring, the way garments are taken off the runway and paired.

Here's what I found:
A lot of quirky this time round.
I also found a lot of red.
There were quite a number of outfits which had a hint of the 70's in them (off and on the runway).
Laced-up shoes, both heels and flats.
And tie belts on pants (I actually don’t really know what they’re called, best to refer to photos below. Please enlighten if you do).


Images from here, here and here

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