Guess Who's Back? Flared Denim

I realise I slow down all blog related activities when I have a lot of pictures to edit. This round, I've got quite a number of photos from Bali to edit and have since stopped blogging. Just goes to show how lazy I can get.

Anyway, here's what I stumbled upon recently. Guess what the photographers have been capturing on their lenses of late? Flared Denim, aka bell bottoms! I don't think this 70's trend really left the scene (since it came back c. 2000 - 2002) but it seems to be on all the fashion superstars recently. I have an even stronger feeling now that we'll be seeing a lot more of 70s inspired trends (see my last post on 70's influence on street wear at PFW HERE). I mean, you can be quite sure it's coming back if you see Karlie Kloss and Victoria Beckham sporting a particular trend, no? Not sure if the trend will reach Malaysia but in any case, yay or nay?

Flared Denim - Yay or Nay?

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