This trip to Bali was in many ways, better than the last. Maybe it was because I already knew what to expect,  so I went a little more prepared. There was less exploring this round but there were equally as many new experiences as the last, like star gazing like I've never experienced before (read about HERE), experiencing Balinese culture proper (read about Nyepi HERE) and cooking for friends while on holiday!

Bali on full Nyepi mode.
Monsters/demons ready for the parade.
Apocolyptic situation at the supermarket the afternoon before Nyepi. 
Some of us.
The parade. 
Tiny men carrying smaller demons. 
Even tinier people, with an even smaller version of the demons. 
Day of Silence.
Lina loves her Monopoly money. 
My bird brain really loves the colours in this picture. Yumss
HAD to put this picture up. San has never looked more sleazy. 
Cooking in the dark. Ok, we cheated, a little bit. 
Dining in the dark, proper. 
No words. 
Cornerhouse. Super chic interior, prices were quite chic too. 
We were just hungry, promise. 
My Thai-Dian friend's face. LOL 
Sukawati the following day was quite a disappointment. If you want generic items, here's the place to be. Ok, to be fair, I bought a number of items but nothing worth writing home about. 
The only cute thing at I saw at Sukawati.
I shall leave you with a photo of myself at Pura Luhur Uluwatu. Finally made it here, after second attempt! Read: it's really far. 

Images by Moosepixels

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