Packing Make Up For Travel

I look weird. This was 2013 /:

Hello again!

I actually prepared to write this post quite a while ago but postponed it time and time again. It’s been a whirlwind of new things, lots and lots of travelling and late nights in just the past one month.

I travelled to Thailand twice within a span of less than two weeks and saw my first striptease show – twice, two nights in a row. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s been a norm for me to have work nights lasting up till 3am at night, broken my personal record having to leave the office at 2am in the morning. Work hard, play hard? Not so sure about playing hard haha

So crazy obsessed about @jadeywadey180 !

Still in my crazy, makeup phase, this is going to be another round of makeup talk (because I’m a makeup junkie). Allow me to clarify. I absolutely LOVE the idea of purchasing makeup, bringing it home and testing it out in front of my mirror. The process of researching makeup online (videos and whatnot) and selecting colours at the store is even more exciting. Sadly, I’m not exactly adventurous when it comes to using the makeup I’ve purchased. Those who know me personally will know that I’ve stuck to my usual makeup routine for YEARS and have reserved makeup adventures for Halloween. Time to change this, definitely.

Back to travel - I've traveled quite a fair bit this year, overseas quite a bit in the last couple of months but within the country, A LOT especially earlier this year. So much so that I've almost become a guru of some sort when it comes to packing light. How do I do it? Naturally, I have a set of essentials that I bring along with me when I’m travelling – whether for work or on holiday. To note that I lean towards the no-makeup to minimal makeup look 95% of the time. So my tips below are to achieve just that.

First of all, I’d like to say that I was an absolute sucker for travel makeup boxes. I never fail to wander into beauty counters at airports to drool over travel makeup. You can hardly find them anywhere else, makes it that much more appealing doesn’t it? Let me tell you though, I’ve learnt it the hard way. I find that it is quite a waste. I don’t always love everything in the box and it’s not a complete set (most of the time). I always end up bringing an entire set of my makeup anyway.

In order to pack light, I pick out basics from my daily make up routine. This includes:

1. Face
- Something with SPF
- Tinted moisturiser/BB or CC cream/Foundation
- Foundation or setting powder
- Bronzer
- Blush

2. Brows
- Eyebrow pencil
- Eyebrow setting gel 3. Eyes
- One medium-sized palette
- One liquid eyeliner
- Under-eye concealer

4. Lips - Lip balm
- Everyday lip colour
- One bold lip colour
- Lip pencil (if needed for bold colour)

5. Tools
- One brush for powder (sometimes I use a mini buffing brush)
- Cheek blush brush
- Bronzing brush
- One angled eyeshadow brush
- One blending brush (for eyeshadow)
- One thin brush for eyeliner/hard to reach places

With these alone, I can recreate multiple looks for different days and outfits. Perfect!

How narcissistic of me to include this. Looking quite vampish in my 5 Holiday looks with one basic eyeshadow POST from way back when.

The base, I think, is the most important part of the process. This includes the products you use for your face and eyebrows. The rest, can be interchanged to suit the occasion. 
For eyes – the medium-sized palette would have a range of colours. I try to make sure I have black, browns and one highlight in the palette. I switch it up with eyeliner, sometimes without, to create different looks. I also sometimes swap between applying eyeshadow with my fingers and the brush, I find applying eyeshadow with fingers creates a more relaxed vibe. This works especially well for day colours, since lighter colours tend to be more forgiving. I can achieve a more precise look with a brush for the evening look.

Some days I go with both blush and bronzer, and some days I use only bronzer without blush. I use the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze so I have highlighting and bronzing options in one compact. The colours are so pretty, sometimes I use this on my eyes too.


Lip colours are the easiest to mix. I think you can never ever go wrong with bringing along one warm pink colour (works for almost every skin tone) and one bold red, this also works for almost every skin tone.

What I’m trying to say here is, you can still have the option of being able to create different looks with makeup while travelling and still pack light. Everything I shared above fits into a compact 8 x 5 x 1 inch pouch (excluding brushes) and is light enough for carry on.

Soon to come, I’ll share some of my holy grail products, along with the actual products I bring with me when I travel. Have fun!

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